• Buyer Guide of Offset Patio and Cantilever Umbrellas

    A healthy living is a key to long life. Doctors have always advised breathing in open and fresh air as it promotes faster blood circulation. In fact, spending time with nature boosts the immunity of humans. But usually what stops us from doing that is the harsh weather. Here comes the solution. A patio umbrella! With patio umbrellas, neither summer rain nor scorching sun rays will be able to disturb your pleasant leisure in the exposed air. This accessory will be an outstanding shading answer not only at home but also in various entertaining areas, outdoor cafes, and open-air restaurants. It will also add stylishly to the décor of your pool or garden. [View Details]
  • Maximize your outdoor space: Layout is everything

    Spring is the season for all things alfresco. Is your patio ready for all the sunshine headed your way? From traditional backyard decks to rustic garden patios to micro-sized urban balconies, here’s how to make the most of your outdoor space. [View Details]
  • 8 Ways to Maximize Your Patio

    When done right, a patio or deck space will be an extension of your home, and let's face it, now that summer is waning, we want to spend every minute outdoors. "It should feel like a room you want to spend time in," says Susan Collins Weir, of the San Francisco-based husband-wife team Studio Collins Weir. "Therefore, treat it with care when laying out the space and selecting furniture and accessories. If you wouldn't put that folding camp chair in your living room, why is it on your deck?" [View Details]
  • Getting your garden furniture right with rattan

    Rattan furniture and accessories are fashionable right now, with designer shops and lifestyle websites showing Fifties and Sixties-style rattan sunburst mirrors and pod armchairs with black metal legs. These are all part of the rattan renaissance: this tough and versatile member of the palm family is a liana that grows to almost 2,000ft in the steamy forests of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Rattan furniture, imported from Britains colonies in the Far East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was hugely popular. Used mainly in conservatories, it also found its way into drawing rooms for small decorative side chairs and occasional tables to hold the myriad ornaments so beloved of the Edwardians. [View Details]
  • Cold comfort: Alan Titchmarsh on taking care of the garden furniture during winter

    GARDEN furniture can suffer badly from damp, wintry weather but a sheltered spot and a little TLC will keep your tables and chairs in tip-top condition and leave you sitting pretty come spring. [View Details]
  • Awnings can make outdoor spaces more comfortable

    Many homeowners are eager to step outdoors upon the return of warm weather. Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity as more and more homeowners embrace opportunities to entertain and lounge around in their yards. Outdoor entertaining areas can be great, but such spaces may go unused when summer sun makes it uncomfortable to spend time outdoors. But a retractable awning can change all that. Homeowners often find awnings can be worthwhile investments that can be beneficial both inside and outside of the home. [View Details]

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